Anne Dowie

Anne Dowie


My collage pieces aim to tell the narrative sweep of a life or a chapter in a life’s experience. 

In “An Imagined Life” it is that of a young Italian immigrant making her way in the New World. “Voyage to India” is based on my paternal great-grandmother’s experience, traveling by sailing ship to India in the 1860s as a mail-order bride only to be tragically denied twice by fate before marrying the man who would father my grandmother, the first Anne Dowie. 

I see these pieces as shrines to honor those who came before me and as remembrances of times past.

Since emigrating from Canada to the U.S. in 1962 I have lived mostly in California where I’ve spent my professional life in journalism as a writer, editor and ultimately a photographer.

After finally settling in Sebastopol with my husband in 2011 I took up painting and had the extreme fortune to be invited to join the Art Heaven group.

Request a Commission with Anne

 I am available for commission to help others assemble memories through photos, letters and memorabilia they may have languishing in a closet, on the back of a shelf or in some dark drawer.
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