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Carole Watanabe

Carole Watanabe
Contemporary Colorist

"Art heaven is an inspiring way to access and expand the creative energy that is our birthright."

When you hear the voices of fear - and you will - say thank you to those voices for trying to protect you - and then go ahead and paint. Who you are comes out on the canvas. You can’t help it; it just happens.
— CW

Sedona Tree

Watanabe's past (leading to this romantic present), includes establishing the first nationally recognized Gallery for the Fiber Arts in San Francisco; founding the Apprentice Alliance (a non-profit organization dedicated to placing apprentices with masters in all fields of endeavor); and a life-long commitment to creating supportive communities that nourish the wild art spirit in all of us. Her tapestries, sculptural handmade paper works and paintings hang in private collections, hotels, banks, hospitals and corporate offices across the country. 

Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at CCAC in Oakland, she has studied indigenous weaving with Guatemalan natives on the shores of Attitlan, traditional Japanese papermaking in a paper village in Aichi-ken, Japan and in the last 14 years, painting with masters in the magical countryside of southern France. 

She also became a Buddhist and built a tea house on Telegraph Hill. 
Currently, she is living and teaching the concept of "life as an art form" during the winters at her art school in Sebastopol, CA known as Art Heaven, and summers in the French fauvist village of Collioure where she paints and sells her work in her own gallery L'Art Vivant.

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