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Christine Church

Christine Church

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso


Christine Cramer, the director of YOUNG AT ART, studied art at Syracuse University, the University of Massachusetts and took courses at the Van Gogh Institute in Amsterdam.

For two decades she has been inspiring children in schools and art centers to discover the love of art and uncover the innate artist within. She treats each day as an opportunity to find and express the artistry of her spiritual core and inspire those around her to do the same.

Christine raised two daughters in Santa Rosa and also loves painting, yoga, gardening, hiking, dancing and being a grandma to her two granddaughters.

She now lives in Petaluma and is married to best-selling science writer Dawson Church, and together they travel all over the world training and inspiring people.

They lost their home and office in the October 2017 Tubbs Fire, then used meditation and advanced healing techniques and ART to recover quickly.

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