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Simply Sarita

"I have been an artist since I picked up my first crayon at 3! 
I've been smitten ever since."

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For 35 years, I taught Spirituality and Writing and practiced as a Marriage and Family therapist. In the 90's I suffered a Health Crisis.

It stopped me in my tracks!
My artist friend reminded me to return to my art in earnest. Carole Watanabe inspired me to jump in with all my heart.

A group of us dreamt up Art Heaven, and I've been painting with Carole and 11 other fabulous women ever since. I healed my Heart and found an Art Community that inspires and encourages and helps me in so many ways.

I love ❤️ Painting and I love Folk Art. And now I am intentionally bringing them together in my Red Tent Studio, with FolkArt Fridays.

No wonder we call it Art Heaven!

Visit my own Red Tent Studio and Gallery HERE